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A Full Service Production Company

We bring unique visions to life while telling meaningful stories of hope & change. We help our clients deliver impact and results, and create original non-fiction content seen around the world. All crafted with heart from our HQ in sunny San Diego, CA.

Who We Are

Creative Team

Just a handful of the people behind the scenes...

James Parker
Founder & Executive Producer

James lives his life with a spirit of adventure. As an accomplished film director, cinematographer, and entrepreneur, he is passionate about exploring the human experience through film, while building actionable campaigns that drive results. His  work has been screened around the world with broadcast on major networks.

Juliet Grable
Producer / Writer

Juliet loves nothing more than diving into complex projects and finding unique pathways for collaboration. She is an accomplished writer with years of experience contributing to major outlets and an award winning producer of documentary films.

Ellis Watamanuk
Impact Producer

With over 10 years of industry experience, in impact, distribution, publicity, & marketing, Ellis has been honored to lead the campaigns for some of the most thought-provoking and acclaimed films, docs, and tv shows of our time (BLACKFISH, TIME, PARIS TO PITTSBURGH).

Clarissa Abundis
Production Coordinator Intern

Clarissa is a passionate and driven collaborator inspired to use the power of film to drive positive social change in the world. She is currently a film student at Cal State Long Beach pursuing a degree in film studies.

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