Synchronous Pictures is boutique production house with a singular mission - craft amazing stories that move audiences. We make docs, branded work, and motion design about everyday heroes and unsung world changers.

We love our South Park San Diego offices, but work all around the world.

Beyond the black & white.

For us, the most compelling stories are the ones where the lines are blurred. Where light and dark can exist at the same time. Where good can be bad, and vice versa.

We are firm believers in the power of a well told story. They have the ability to tear down walls and connect us to our shared humanity. We are transported into new worlds and given the power to see  through someone else's eyes. They make us laugh, cry, feel joy, and experience the pain of losing someone we love.  They open our eyes to the beauty around us.

We work to dive deep, focusing on the character's behind movements and telling authentic stories of hope and change.

We’re a passionate team of filmmakers, creatives, and strategists dedicated to creating visually stunning, emotionally moving, and impact-oriented content that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

We're committed to excellence in every aspect of production and seek authenticity, kindness, and boldness in our storytelling. We have expertise across multiple production disciplines, and bring a documentary ethos to everything we do—focusing on heart, humility, and integrity.

Let's craft something amazing, together.


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James Parker
Founder & Executive Producer

James lives with a spirit of adventure. As a film director and cinematographer, he explores the human experience through impactful storytelling. He founded Synchronous Pictures in 2017, creating award winning work for global clients and major networks, bridging divides and sparking meaningful conversations. A multi-faceted entrepreneur, James owns a sister marketing agency to Synchronous and led the brand identity, marketing, and launch for an international smart mobility company, securing coverage in USA Today, TechCrunch, Forbes, Digital Trends, CNET, and Yahoo.

Andrew Dudko
Motion Designer & Creative Director

Andrew is an animator and motion designer with nine years of experience in the field of visual content creation, with a passion for cinema and music. His work in 2D and 3D animation is characterized by experimentation with different styles. In his free time he also enjoys creating his own music. His visual works serve as a means to tell compelling stories.

Juliet Grable
Producer / Writer

Juliet loves nothing more than diving into complex projects and finding unique pathways for collaboration. She is an accomplished writer with years of experience contributing to major outlets and an award winning producer of documentary films.

Kseniya Meleshchuk

Kseniia is an illustrator and motion designer
who is in love with creativity and creating
something new. Her passion for illustration
inspires her to create unique images and
characters, and her sense of humor and
positive attitude always accompany her work.
She loves to share her creativity and infect
others with her joy!

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